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Gee-weej-ja-ma …we learn from our Mother’s spiritual sacred flowering teeming love of life. – Isaac Day

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(gee–jaa–gut) means ‘day’ in Anishinaabe [Ojibwe]

It’s not just about making maple syrup

Isaac’s vision is to build Rainbow Thunder Star Mountain Teaching Lodge, a place where all colours of man can come to learn the teachings, learn how to reconnect to Mother Earth, and thereby learn about their true purpose in life, where they can learn how to become real human beings again.

A Message to Our Customers and Community during Covid-19

We are open for maple sales, however our sugar shack is closed to the public. We ship throughout North America – our online Shop is open to serve you – add some love & sweetness to your day. Thank you for your continued support!

Maple Syrup (sweet water)

Sweet water has been an important aspect of many indigenous cultures, including both of ours, Anishinaabe(Ojibwe) and Kanyen’keha’:ka (Mohawk). Sweet water was used in ceremonies, for cooking, and it was respected as a cleansing medicine for the people.

Those traditions continue to this day.

Sweet water brought love and sweetness into the lives and spirits of the people; it brought happiness to the people and it lightened their spirit. We give thanks that Aninaatig continues to bring life to the people.

From our Family to yours — Adding more love & sweetness to our lives.

Hear The Mohawk Story of Maple Syrup

Hand Made With Love

What Our Customers Say

Delicious Canadian Maple syrup. Great Flavour! We keep buying more because our family goes through it too quickly.
Trevor J
This is the best Maply Syrup I’ve ever had; my parents have ordered it for years now and nothing compares!
Ariel C
I purchased an authentic First Nations dreamcatcher for my sister for Christmas. I love that it was handcrafted and even more I love Deb and Isaac’s Story that goes along with it. My sister loved it even more!
Jesse S

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