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I have always loved maple syrup and have sampled almost every brand available in the finest health food stores across the USA from los angeles to new york and nothing I have ever tasted compares to the flavor of the amazing syrup produced by Giizhigat Maple Products. After visiting their remote and beautiful property the past two years to get a firsthand look at the sugar making process I understand why their syrup surpasses all others. They are a First Nations family owned operation run by people who truly care about their trees and nature and are grateful for the sustenance these trees provide them. The sap is harvested in the most natural and sustainable way possible with small scale loving attention to detail at every step of the way. All the sap is boiled using a traditional wood fired method that truly brings out the decadant and rich and taste of the natural maple syrup. I can say with complete honesty that after sampling their product I will never purchase any other maple syrup ever again…

Leslie Crow / Handcrafted Custom Leather
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I have used Giizhigat Maple products as gifts for provincial conferences and gatherings that I have organized.
The products were always delivered on time and are of the highest quality. Our five kids also look forward to the yummy treats and homemade syrup we stock up on each spring. We are proud to support Indigenous and local business.

Jodie Williams / Brampton, ON
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My partner and I always bought maple syrup products but when I found out Issac and Deb were selling their products, we decided to support their business. We were so impressed at the work they do, and their work pays off by their display at many events.

The maple syrup is beyond delicious and we enjoy starting our day with pancakes and Giizhigat Maple Syrup. I am diabetic and have been for about 10 yrs and I find, their maple syrup does not interrupt my sugar levels at all. There is no additives in their product and it is much appreciated.

Thank you Deb & Isaac for the work that you do and wish you the best on your 2017 adventure.

Lila Bruyere & Mitchell DeGurse / Sarnia, ON
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As a First Nations family we have been studying our traditional foods diet and could not be more delighted to have The Day Family connect us to culture and healthy living through this Indigenous food source. Having maple syrup products available also assists in bringing down the cost of eating nutritiously. For us that is important, as today we see processed sugars impeding the health of our First Nations families through diabetes. Not only is the maple syrup delicious, and nutritious it’s packed full of antioxidants! As a family we have replaced processed sugar with maple syrup and intend to also carry their products in our Holistic Health Store. Try it today, sooo delish!! Yaw^ko.

Dayna Elijah and Glen McDougall / Oneida, ON

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