Our Logo

We asked the Creator for direction on what our logo should look like, should talk about, should embrace – we are humbled by what was gifted through ceremony.

The 7 colours of Isaac’s teachings are represented: Green-Respect; Blue-Spiritual Strength; Yellow-Honesty; Red-Kindness; Black-Caring; White-Sharing; Purple-Humility. The rainbow symbolizes humankind and how we are supposed to work and live together. There is a fire that burns within each of us — that uniqueness we each have will bring a new light to the world…a new eternal fire of love. The spirit of the maple water brings that light. The spirit of that water will bring people together, just as a newborn baby does. If water could turn into a human, it would be like a child.

There are 9 roots from the tree – symbolizing the birth of new life.

In order for Mother Earth to give life, she had to have water. Water feeds all life.

Her fullness of life didn’t materialize because she also had values and principles of life, for example humility, respect. So she choose one thing of life that would help sweeten the lives of her children, and that was the maple tree. The maple tree was chosen to do a special task. The water (sap) comes from the tree – that was her gift to her children – how she would sweeten the lives of her children, enlighten their spirit. The children collect sap from the maple tree. Her beauty was so great; this was her way of showing her love. The children carry her gift. They keep going back every year to that tree.

And that’s how Mother Earth would leave her legacy here always.

Mother Earth is so beautiful. The fall colours are her regalia – her beauty is unmatchable. The winter is a time of rest – the snow is her shawl. Spring is a time of awakening and warmth when she removes her shawl and new life starts to grow again.

Mother Earth is not obligated to provide us with life. We conduct ceremony each year before the first sap run and at the close of the maple syrup run. We give thanks to the Creator, the Grandmothers and the Grandfathers. We give thanks for Mother Earth and all the life and bounty she provides to us, her children.

The Gift of Sweet Water — when it is kissed by the spirit of fire (Grandfather Sun), it brings sweetness to our life, our spirit, our being.