Spring’s Awakening2021-01-28T20:15:01-05:00

Gee-weej-ja-ma …we learn from our Mother’s spiritual, sacred, flowering, teeming love of life.

– Isaac Day

Water flows from Mother Earth. The life force of water flows to the maple tree (man wood); Aninaatik in the Anishinaabe [Ojibwe] language. Water gives life to all living beings. Our brother, the bear starts to awaken; mother bear gives birth to her young. In Kanyen’keha’:ka [Mohawk] legend, the maple tree was provided by the Creator to give sweet water to the people – nourishing their bodies and spirits which were weakened by the long, dark, cold winter.

First Nation People have been harvesting maple sap for hundreds of years. Our ancestors used sweet water in ceremonies, for cooking, and as a cleansing medicine for the people. Those traditions continue to this day. Sweet water brings sweetness and joy into our lives and spirits; it lightens our spirits. We give thanks that Aninaatik continues to bring life to all people.

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